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Compare the entire cost of using an on-premise solution versus a Software-as-a-Service platform

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Infrastructure Costs On-Premise SaaS
Total Annual Infrastructure Costs
Site Launch Costs
Design, QA, and Build
Advanced Integration Costs
Typical GTM Time
Recurring Costs
Managed Support Costs / Partner Retainer
Biannual Software Upgrades
Technical Staff Hires
Total Costs
Total Year One Costs
Total Year 2 Costs (Recurring)

On-Premise Site Implementation Budget

Money You'd Save by Using SaaS

Imagine what you could do with that extra budget

Forrester estimates that 80% of on-premise spending is on maintenance and only 20% is used for new projects and initiatives. 1

How You Could Spend Your Extra Budget Average Cost Revenue Lift Potential Upside
SEO Services $25,000 20%
Google Adwords & PPC Management 10%
Additional Sales or Marketing Headcount $60,000 10%
Working Capital 10%

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